2016 egypt online dating

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2016 egypt online dating

According to the stewardess’s posting of the image’s depiction of an air crash behind an unfazed flight attendant is bizarre and likely to be considered suspicious by investigators, who fear it crashed following a terror attack shortly after entering Egypt air space.

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spoke with an experienced pilot on the topic of how the Egypt air crash occurred between Paris and Cairo and how signals transmitted in the moments leading up to the tragedy can be interpreted.

“Firstly, [the signals] indicate that something catastrophic happened to the plane in the air, which would seem to rule out a deliberate crash by the pilots or a hijacking that forced the plane into the sea,” said “The pilot…

The image shows a female flight attendant emerging from the ocean with luggage in hand, with what appears to be a plane crash occurring in the background behind her.

Samar Ezz Eldin, the stewardess who posted the chilling plane crash photo, was working aboard flight MS804 when the Egypt Air jet suffered a series of apparent technical faults causing lavatory and cockpit fires.

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