Adults with aspergers dating sites

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Busty women usually (or it seems to me to be usually) interpret this as staring at their chest.

Anyways, anyone else have Asperger's and would like to contribute? She had been misdiagnosed for years, with everything from schizophrenia to schizoid personality disorder, and put on a lot of meds that made her psychotic. Her only problem is that she will argue you to death on a point that makes absolutely no logical sense to anyone but herself.

I've more or less given up on the dating thing, maybe one can find friends.

Occasionally one sees someone intelligent who might be a good friend.

At least some people are consistent on what they lie about, so you learn to never ask them questions in that topic.

But chronic liars and random liars I usually grow into avoiding at (almost) all costs.

Because of her skewed perception of events, she saw something I did as being horrific to her (to this day, I don't know what it was), and just abruptly ended it with a phone call. She tends to push people out of her life when she is in a relationship, or push people away because the man in her life doesn't like them.

Like all aspies, she is very gullible and naive, and can be easily manipulated by men, which ends up with her losing more than she gains. These make it more difficult for a the person across from you to tell if your looking at her eyes vs. Also, I'm always impressed with the number of engineers who have signs of Asperger Syndrome. He is married and has one child who is showing no signs of Asperger's.

I feel very sorry for her, because she is a wonderful, giving person, but she just doesn't see things from a rational perspective, and this has caused her a lot of pain.

Not being able to make the world see where she is coming from, or make it change to think the way she does, makes her break down from time to time and have to be hospitalized. She spends days at a time rearranging everything in her house because it "isn't right yet". The reason our friendship ended is a mystery to me.

I guess their flaws seem to make her feel less different, or superior in some way to them.

She's a "caretaker" type of person, and seems to take in the dregs of society and try to make them into something.

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