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He went down the aisle shaking hands with all of the passengers,” Alperin recalls.“I waited until he was at a safe distance and turned to the man sitting next to me and asked him who that was.

“I think I’m supposed to know who she is,” Hodes whispers once she’s out of sight.

“ But I don’t recognize her at all.”Prosopagnosia, or “face blindness,” the disorder that has plagued Hodes since he was a child, is the inability to recognize faces that should be familiar.

She constantly fears that people may take advantage of his condition.“I can’t say anything now, because he is a full grown adult, but he tutors and goes to people’s houses he doesn’t even know.

God forbid if something were to happen, he wouldn’t even be able to identify the person,” she says.

As Singh bangs around in the kitchen, Hodes talks about a party he attended recently.

“CUNY J-School parties are the worst, I don’t recognize anyone,” he says. “I don’t think I could ever miss you on the street, man.”Singh runs his fingers through his long beard.

They rely on non-facial information like hair color, gait, and tone of voice to distinguish people.

Prosopagnosics often complain that they have trouble following movies or television shows, because they cannot recognize characters and keep up with the plot.

Some patients’ impairment influences only the recognition of faces; others find their deficit extends to the recognition of other objects such as cars and animals.

While anyone can have trouble recognizing faces and names, prosopagnosics can’t even identify their own parents and relatives.

“I remember we went somewhere and my eldest son’s voice had just started to crack and Glenn was having trouble telling his brothers apart,” she says.

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