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If it's wrong, it's wrong but that's the way I feel. If you identify those then it will be easier to understand this situation."Hollywood and the media tell me that they would rather hire foreign whites from the UK and USA for roles in TV and movies over Asian Americans particularly Asian American men. When whites are displaced by foreigners as in computer science there is a hue and cry, but foreign whites displace Americans white, Asian or otherwise in Hollywood, no one gives a damn!!I'm not going to lie about it."We are all a product of our environment and are influenced by it."Absloutely"What does our society tell us about AAW and AAM? "Through tv, radio, music, movies, magazines advertisements etc.

And Rebbecca don't give me this personality, interest, outlook on life, sense of humor BS.

That goes for employement, relationships, and social assistance.

Until Asian women are more willing to support Asian men and evidence is plentiful, I believe their main form of assistance should come from white men.

Black women are overly sexual and aggressive."Although most rapes are committed by white men."That Latino men are stupid, foreign, gangsters.

That Latino women are overly sexual, foreign, maids."In other countries Filipinas get the maid stereotype."That Asian women are overly sexual, foreign, sell outs. More foreign than the white girls they are recruiting from England.

I have more shocking news for you; all of them are married or have steady girlfriends. They're concerned for their future children and other single Asian men who are down on their luck and demoralized. When the Chinese first came to this country, we formed our own enclaves and Tongs to protect ourselves from whites.

Sure, you'll have many who are just single and bitter but why is it so difficult to believe that many of these Asian guys who are complaining are simply concerned about their other brethren?

No doubt it's contributing to the gender divide and causing more strife but while it's childish to say such, I will anyway."You started it."Do you honestly think this animosity and distrust towards Asian women would have even existed if Asian women didn't marry 50% out of their race? Every action will have an equal and opposite reaction.

While we do acknowledge that some Asian men are lashing out in unreasonable ways, at least we acknowledged a problem.

Even in areas with high numbers of minorities like CA, NY. We are all influenced by the messages of our society.

Take a look around its everywhere...."I think the fastest growing group of couples in this country is the Black Male/Asian female couple.

If that was the case why don't Asian American Women date high percentages of other types of men?????