Christina milian dating now

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In related news, the woman seen canoodling with Christina’s former flame has been identified as his personal assistant Melissa Marie Santiago.In one photo that sent the ‘Net buzzing Monday, The-Dream, who is not wearing his wedding band, is photographed being straddled by Santiago.

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They ask for consideration and respect for their family moving forward,” a publicist for the “Rockin’ That Thang” singer confirmed in a statement this afternoon.

“I’ve never loved anyone the way that I love Wayne, not even my ex-husband,” says Christina. I’ve never had anyone understcand me the way that he has.” How earth shattering must it be to think you found the one, only to discover that they’re an unfaithful liar? Despite the terrible breakup, Christina was mature enough to stay friendly with Wayne, and the pair even released a sexy new song together in Sept., right after the sad ending to their passionate relationship. If your soulmate cheated on you, would you take them back?

Hopefully now Christina can move on and find somebody that will treat her the way she deserves to be treated.

Christina Milian is on the rebound after her split from ex-fiancé Jas Prince last month.

The 32-year-old singer is now reportedly dating her Young Money Records boss Lil Wayne, a source tells Us Weekly.

Through a fountain of tears, Christina reveals to her sister Lizzy that she found an instagram post of a woman wearing nothing but little booty shorts and a sports bra… Once she put the pieces together and confronted him, he had the gall to continue to lie about it, just destroying her trust even more.

The saddest part is when Christina explains why the whole thing hurt her so badly.According to , she is going into boxing solely for fitness, but hasn’t completely ruled out sparring.Of course, with her ongoing training, it would be unfortunate if she used her skill-set on Lil Wayne, who with his reported cheating ways should be keen to stay away from her just in case she goes off her rocker.Christina has one son by her former husband The-Dream. Christina is signed to Wayne's Young Money record label, and apparently she's sleeping her way to the top.Whether she's using him or not, the fact remains, Wayne is the mega-millionaire shot-caller and she's one of many artists in his roster. On Monday, the couple confirmed that they are calling it quits after pictures of The-Dream (real name Terius Nash) snuggling up to a Latina lusty in the Caribbean over the weekend made their way to the Interwebs this morning morning.

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