Daily application of carbon dating

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Daily application of carbon dating - marshall huey charleston sc dating

The computer program Isoplot was used to plot isochrons and calculate isochron ages from the other radioisotope analyses.

Because the different radioisotopes are dating the same geologic event, to have produced different "dates" has to mean that the parent radioisotopes have decayed at different rates over the same time period.

And the K-Ar model "ages" are so widely divergent from one another (ranging from 405.1±10 Ma to 2574.2±73 Ma), even from very closely spaced samples from the same outcrop of the same original lava flow, as to be useless for "dating" any event.

These discordant results could easily be dismissed as an isolated aberration, perhaps due to the uncertain effects of metamorphism and any subsequent alteration, especially during erosion and weathering.

Metamorphic rocks are not always easy to date using radio-isotopes.

Results obtained usually signify the "date" of the metamorphism, but they may also yield the "age" of the original volcanic (or sedimentary) rock.

Deep inside the Inner Gorge of Grand Canyon, northern Arizona, are the crystalline basement rocks that probably date back even to the Creation Week itself.

Clearly visible in the canyon walls are the light-colored granites, such as the Zoroaster Granite, which are stark against the darker, folded strata of the Vishnu Schist and the other metamorphic rock units of the Granite Gorge Metamorphic Suite (see lowest purple and green shading in diagram).

These are former sedimentary and volcanic strata that have been transformed by heat and pressure, possibly during the intense upheavals when the dry land was formed on Day 3 of Creation Week.

Among these metamorphosed volcanic strata are amphibolites, belonging to the Brahma Schist.

In other words, the decay of the parent radioisotopes was accelerated by different amounts, the decay of those yielding older "ages" (the alpha-decayers) having been accelerated more.

Obviously, if radioisotope decay was accelerated, say during the Genesis Flood, then the radioisotope decay "clocks" could never be relied upon to "date" rocks as many millions of years old.

Most people believe that when the different radioisotope dating methods are used on the same rock unit they all yield the same age.

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