Dating gold jewellery

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The I-T department, in its notices, also asked for CCTV footages, especially of cameras near cash counters, to seek date-wise information and to check if PAN numbers or ID proofs were collected from customers.

This is a big area of fake gold jewellery, with sellers claiming a stamp like this on their modern gold jewellery is a hallmark – it isn’t. In 1932 12ct and 15ct gold was replaced by a new 14ct gold purity.As long as 12ct or 15ct jewellery are stamped on pre-1932 jewellery the hallmarked is legal. The hallmarking rules for old vintage and antique jewellery can be quite different to modern precious metal jewellery, and hallmarks are possibly not always needed if it is a proven antique or made before a certain date.I strongly recommend that you seek the advise of a professional jeweller, dealer or auction house if you believe you have a valuable un-hallmarked item of jewellery and they can help you further.Nearly every country has its own systems regarding precious metals.In the UK and many parts of Europe we have detailed hallmarking systems.November 15 will be the last day for jewellers to deposit old high-value currency notes, sources told Business Standard as the government cracks down on gold traders to prevent the laundering of black money.

The gold and jewellery route has been followed by persons with black money to convert their Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes at a haircut of 20-40%.

Many of these bullion traders have been issuing bills for less than Rs 2 lakh to clients that exempts them from furnishing PAN numbers.

This move will halt such sales of gold at a huge premium against old currency notes, which jewellers were doing till the Income Tax (I-T) department raided them across the country on Friday and sent around 600 notices to jewellers asking the details of daily sales from November 7 to 10.

You’d be surprised how many sellers and shops don’t know or care about hallmarking law, and will tell you anything so they can simply sell the item.

This goes for for both ‘real life’ shops and internet shops.

In the United Kingdom we have a system of protection when buying gold, silver, platinum or palladium jewellery called hallmarking.