Dating miss vbulletin

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Dating miss vbulletin

These font files need to be imported into your OS, for Windows XP, place them in your /windows/fonts/ directory. * New Reply/Quote template styling almost done * Text editor (the posting interface) completely styled, took forever though. --------------------------------------------------------------------- ----(please leave the copyright info below intact)---- This post is copyright by the user posting it and - World of Warcraft Exploits, Hacks, Bots and Guides, where it was posted.Download Links * All 3-in-1 * Folkard * Friz Quadrata TT * Morpheus ______________________________________________________________ Buttons & Icons: Be sure to import the fonts as described above before attempting to edit these buttons/icons. You may not copy or reproduce the above on any other site without written permission from both the poster and Note: I will try to keep the links updated when the site is.

The Style file is named "pb-wow-###.xml" in which the ### will represent the version number.* Get this template here: forum_* Get this template here: titles_* Get this template here: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Change log All progress will be posted in this topic so users can keep track of the changes. Please Remember You need to download all the stuff here, since i have forgot to put a few files in the "complete folder" so just if you run into problems download everything here.All unreleased progress since v0.56 * Implemented a themeforcer just like on offical forums. I got as far as setting up v Bulletin that I *cough*found*cough* but can't seem to make heads or tails of what i'm supposed to do after that.Each of our message boards is hosted by Just Mommies hosts, whose names are listed at the top each board.We hope you find our message boards friendly, helpful, and fun to be on!* Added all de DE, fr FR, es ES and en GB buttons to resources. * Resources updated with new icons and other minor TBC icons.

* Fixed misforming in login error for IE6 * Button styling fixed (although not sure if I'm satisfied with the look yet). * Tableheaders/catagories styled (finaly getting rid of those red/blue/green borders).

At the moment (and also at christmas) Blizzard simply removes the styleswitcher and puts a simple line on the forum that forces the forum to display 1 style but the others are still there (but hidden). v0.56 changes (all changes since v0.55) * Created easy language configuration so entire board buttons can change language with 1single variable. I really don't think I'd be using the forum I setup, just wanted to do it for fun.

Just changing the "en_US" variable in the stylemanager from en_US to es_ES, de_DE, fr_FR or en_GB... * Fixed javascript errors with guild/realm names containing ' (such as Kel'Theras). Oh well I think it's look like hard to set it up but itis really awesome and really nice. I'd better tell this to my friends maybe they will try to set up.

* Search results (show threads, not posts) restyled, much cleaner now. * Navbar breadcrump finaly more or less 100% finished.

* Navbar forumjump properly styled (still some issues though). v0.55 changes (all changes since v0.50) * Added all de DE, fr FR, es ES and en GB CSS files to resources.

* Moved common modifcation areas (such as welcome text on frontpage) to easy access.