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Due to many socio-economic reasons, they emigrated to different parts of India within the last few centuries.

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According to Viṭhṭhala Mitragotrī, the migration to Goa dates back to the early 4th to 6th century AD. To avoid this religious persecution, several Śeṭ families fled to the neighbourhood kingdom of Sondā. King John III of Portugal issued a decree threatening expulsion or execution of non-believers in Christianity in 1559 AD; the Daivadnyas refused conversion and had to decamp.

Their work was like that of a draughtsman or evaluator.

It is said that astrology began from this class of Vedic Daivadnyas, so the term Daivadnya became equivalent to astrologer.

The conflicts between these two communities over social status was evidenced in arguments about use of traditional Brahmin and Kshatriya emblems during religious rituals, functions and festivals.

The Seṭs who had emigrated from Goa for socio-economic reasons during the Goa Inquisition faced many hardships.

Saṃskṛtā texts such as Jātiviveka, Saṅkha smṛti, and Añjabila state that they are one of the Rathakāras, called Upabrāhmaṇa, or minor Brahmins for whom vedic Saṃskāra are explicitly stated as mentioned in Śaivāgama.

The Hindu doctrines Hiraṇyakeśisutra and Bṛhajjātiviveka mention different types of Rathakaras.Whether Hindu or Catholic, the community always enjoyed their social status, and were permitted to remain in Christianized parts of Goa, provided they kept a low profile, observed certain disciplines, and paid a tax of three xeraphims of (gold mohor) annually to the Portuguese.The Gaud Saraswat Brahmins looked down upon the Daivadnya.The Portuguese imposed heavy restrictions on all Goan Hindus, but the Śeṭs were granted exemption from certain obligations or liabilities.It is rare to find a Christian Goan Śeṭ, while all the other castes find some representation in the convert society; A few historians have categorised them into the category of Sudirs or Śudras because the appellation they used, Chatim, was sometimes used by the lower castes.An alternate proposition relates to the Vedas Taittariya Samhita and Shatapatha Brahmana in which the sage Kashyapa is recorded as an eminent artisan.

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