Dating sim games like my candy love

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Dating sim games like my candy love - who is mike tyson dating

It's a genre that I was originally quite hesitant to get into because I honestly didn't see the appeal, I was proved wrong after playing My Candy Love though and was interested to see what else was out there so I've written this page filled with my favourites.On my search I noticed that most of the games like My Candy Love that I found weren't in English!

The game is so full of fun that you may wish to play it again and again. It is about a girl (player), who moves to her new high school, and meets many new people.

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I got hooked on English otome games like My Candy Love after playing MCL for several months and now I'm here to share my favourite alternatives.

My Candy Love is an online dating game for girls that is very popular in Asia. Don't worry, in this Buzzle article, we bring you more dating games like My Candy Love. is the most popular flirting game loved by teenage girls.

Based on popular Japanese dating games, it has a number of romantic stories and events that are scripted for the players.

You as a player can customize your own character and create your own love story with this virtual-dating game. Check out some more games similar to My Candy Love.

IMVU is a fashion-based game with dating elements in it. Show off your fashion sense, get a boyfriend, go shopping, and embellish your apartment. Register now to experience this fun dating and flirting gaming site.

The owners get killed in an accident, leaving behind their only daughter to take over it.

The girl spots a country singer and sees a great potential in him, and decides to sign him up for 'Star Project'.

There are plenty of options to explore in this game.

This game, developed by Natsume, is best suited for the portable Nintendo DS.

It's a genre that is incredibly popular on the Asian market but definitely doesn't have the same availability in the western world.