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(2) The successor contractor or any of its subcontractors reasonably believes, based on the particular service employee’s past performance, has failed to perform suitably on the job.

(b) Nothing in Executive Order 13495 shall be construed to permit a contractor or subcontractor to fail to comply with any provision of any other Executive order or law.

(b)(1) When an agency exercises its waiver authority with respect to any contract, subcontract, or purchase order, the contracting officer shall direct the contractor to notify affected workers and their collective bargaining representative in writing, no later than five business days after the solicitation issuance date, of the agency’s determination.

The notice shall include facts supporting the determination.

The waiver must be reflected in a written analysis as described in 29 CFR 9.4(d)(4)(i) and must be completed by the contract solicitation date, or the waiver is inoperative.

The senior procurement executive shall not redelegate this waiver authority.

For example, the requirements of the HUBZone Program (see subpart 19.13), Executive Order 11246 (Equal Employment Opportunity), and the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 may, in certain circumstances, conflict with the requirements of Executive Order 13495. 107; or (5) Service employees who were hired to work under a Federal service contract and one or more nonfederal service contracts as part of a single job, provided that the service employees were not deployed in a manner that was designed to avoid the purposes of this subpart.

All applicable laws and Executive orders must be satisfied in tandem with, and if necessary prior to, the requirements of Executive Order 13495 and this subpart. 593; (4) Agreements for vending facilities entered into pursuant to the preference regulations issued under the Randolph Sheppard Act, 20 U. (b) The exemptions in paragraphs (a)(2) through (a)(4) of this subsection apply when either the predecessor or successor contract has been awarded for services produced or provided by the “severely handicapped.” (a) The senior procurement executive of the procuring agency may waive some or all of the provisions of this subpart after determining in writing that the application of this subpart would not serve the purposes of Executive Order 13495 or would impair the ability of the Federal Government to procure services on an economical and efficient basis.

The contracting officer’s failure to direct that the contractor provide the notice provided in this subparagraph shall render the waiver decision inoperative, and the contracting officer shall include the clause at 52.222-17 in the solicitation.

(3) In addition, the agency shall notify the Department of Labor of its waiver decision and provide the Department of Labor with a copy of its written analysis no later than five business days after the solicitation issuance date (see 29 CFR 9.4(d)(2)).

An offer of employment will be presumed to be bona fide even if it is not for a position similar to the one the employee previously held, but is one for which the employee is qualified, and even if it is subject to different employment terms and conditions, including changes to pay or benefits.

(See 29 CFR 9.12(b) for regulatory provisions addressing circumstances in which a bona fide offer of employment can occur.) (a) A successor contractor or its subcontractors are not required to offer employment to any service employee of the predecessor contractor who— (1) Will be retained by the predecessor contractor.

(See 29 CFR 9.12(d) for regulatory provisions addressing circumstances in which reduced staffing can occur.) (a) Not less than 30 days before completion of the contract, the predecessor contractor is required to furnish to the contracting officer a certified list of the names of all service employees working under the contract and its subcontracts at the time the list is submitted.