Hippie dating newthread phpdo newthread

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Hippie dating newthread phpdo newthread

Resetting the attributes did absolutely nothing the second time.

My issue is with my favorites list, as you'd assume.

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So, I used the command "ATTRIB -S C:\Users\username\Favorites /S /D" (for Vista) and only after closing IE and ending all related processes, it started to save favourites correctly. Quite sadly to say, the solution presented turned out in the end not to work at all.

I'll wait and see how it goes, but the main site that never, ever saved correctly... This problem has been escaping solution for quite a while and I've done some searching on the Internet and found many other people with this problem.

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ATTRIB -S C:\Documents and Settings\username\Favorites /S /D Hey jasonieteam! To make sure I wasn't hallucinating about the original problem of dual links, I visited a page and added the Favorite. Next I went to a subfolder and saved the favorite again, this time giving it my custom name.

It split into one valid link with the verbose URL and one invalid link with my custom name.

I'll get one file that includes the web page title in its name, but includes no URL whatsoever. The file name, however, will be the URL of the page in the typical file name format replacing a slash with a dash and omitting the http and I'll end up with two files, for example, like this: File 1 title) "Vista Forums - Post New Thread" -- but no URL target included File 2 title) "vistax64.com-newthread.phpdo=newthread&f=3" -- URL target included This happens all the time with certain sites now and ocassionally with others.

Haven't found a solution or anyone else speaking of this problem.

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