Lack of confidence in dating

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The impact a mentor has on a teacher can span the length of several careers as the young teacher transitions into becoming a mentor themselves.Most teacher preparation programs do not prepare a teacher for life in a real classroom.

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All teachers should be given a comprehensive Personal Development Plan that serves as a guide for improvement in areas of weaknesses.Putting teachers who lack self-confidence in charge of something may sound disastrous, but when given the chance they will surprise you more times than they let you down.They shouldn’t be put in charge of large overwhelming tasks, but there are plenty of smaller type duties that anyone should be able to handle.Teachers often feel under appreciated, so showing them that you truly appreciate them can go a long ways in building confidence. Make a habit of telling your teachers thank you, send a personal appreciation email, or give them something like a candy bar or other snack on occasion.These simple things will improve morale and confidence.Confidence is something that cannot be faked, but it is something that can be built.

Building confidence is another component of a principal’s duties.Some teachers do not require their confidence to be boosted at all while others require lots of extra attention in this area.A principal should develop and implement a strategic plan for building confidence in teachers.If there isn’t a growth and improvement component to your evaluation model, then it won’t be an effective evaluation system, and it certainly will not help build confidence.Everyone needs a mentor that they can model themselves after, seek advice or feedback from, and share best practices. Veteran teachers make excellent mentors because they have been through the fire and seen it all.As a mentor, they can share both successes and failures.