Lava online dating sites

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Lava online dating sites

There isn't even a username search, leaving no way to connect with members you know outside the 2000-km unless they were preserved in one of your lists, like "Favorites" or "Viewed Me," which were preserved only in part, or in message history, which only goes back 30 days.

I used to receive views, likes, etc., almost every time I logged in. The site is like bombed-out city block with people searching for survivors, and searching less every day. The last time Lavalife did an upgrade, there were technical problems and I contacted them and they were very responsive.

I worked with them to clarify the problem, even sending screen shots, and the problem was fixed.

I've contacted them twice since the launch of the new site and I've gotten nothing, not even a form letter.

I have been on Lavalife twice in 8 years for only a couple of weeks each time, usually to get the blood pumping again and see who is out there.

I have never gone far enough to meet someone because I usually end up meeting people while I'm out.

Lavalife has over 1.7 million registered members and is especially popular amongst American and Canadian singles.

Over 700,000 messages are sent every day on this busy dating service, thanks in part to the ability of free members to reply to any message sent to them, though only a paying member can initiate a conversation.

I have been trying to register with LL for a week without success.

First, they require a picture, but multiple attempts have not succeeded in uploading a picture.

Remember, you must listen to both your head and your heart in order to make smart choices.

The main purpose of these sites is to match singles with each other and you can also find suitable partners and then contact them all.

The new site has been out for two weeks for now and it's prettier but otherwise it's a complete disaster.

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