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On the lower First World War section are mosaic pictures of an angel, a soldier and a seaman.

The Great Western Railway drays would be unhitched and taken in a mad dash to Church Street where they were harnessed to the fire engine.In 1999, the old building was demolished and Ledbury’s new Market Theatre opened in January 2000.A seventeenth-century building, the Brewery Inn, originally the Boat Inn or Boatman’s Arms, probably became licensed premises after the closure of a nearby lodging house for the canal workers – that house became the Golden Crown Chinese restaurant.To the east of the Brewery Inn, it is said there used to be a small thatched cottage.The neighbouring cottages were demolished when the ambulance and fire stations were built.Membership grew and many films were made but lack of space led to the decision to put on a play once a year.

In 1938, Ledbury Amateur Cine & Dramatic Society was formed.In the late 1950s, LADS moved into the old Market Theatre, then known as the Church Room.In 1986, the building was almost destroyed by fire.In 1932 a Bedford was specially constructed as a towing vehicle, which served for twenty-four years.After the Fire Station in Church Street relocated to what is now known as the Old Ambulance Station in Bye Street, the building in Church Street was taken over by the Ledbury branch of the Royal British Legion.During the Second World War, Italian prisoners at the camp at Mabel’s Furlong set up a theatre in a Nissen hut.