Mate 1 dating site

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Mate 1 dating site - Grannies love sex chat

The vast majority of the sample used Gmail accounts, however.

To find possible dates, users of the Mate1 online dating service can do a quick search by sex, age range and location.

On Monday, this reporter clicked the "forgotten password" feature on Mate1's login page.

The full, plaintext password was then emailed, further corroborating that the site does indeed store passwords without any hashing.

A hacker on the dark web forum Hell claims to have sold the email addresses and plaintext passwords of over 27 million users of dating site Mate1“Their server was compromised and the My SQL database was dumped,” the hacker, who asked to remain anonymous, told Motherboard.

“I had shell/command access to their server.”Motherboard obtained a relatively small sample of the email addresses and passwords.

It's that some victims may have used the same password for Mate1 as their other accounts, such as email, Amazon or anything else.

If that's the case, anyone in possession of the Mate1 database could then try the leaked passwords against more valuable accounts.We'll do short posts giving you what you need to know about the hack, so you can figure out whether your bank account, website logins or anything else might be at risk.Because, even if the hack might not be the most sophisticated, and as new data breaches fight for your attention, real people are still getting fucked over somewhere, and should know about it.After one week on the site I have pulled my profile due to the number of false or misleading profiles I was contacted by many of the user's but to my dismay EVERY LAST ONE TURNED OUT TO BE FROM AFRICA OR SOME OTHER COUNTRY and all asked for money to be sent after some small talk professing their love after 15 to 20 minutes of conversation I don't know maybe I'm just skeptical but I don't see how anybody could move to that after a few text messages so please everyone be aware that in my opinion I do not believe this is a website that is on the up-and-up Gave this a shot expecting fireworks.I know a few people who have found love on mate1 but it has not happened for me im afraid.The site allows the user to upload a multitude of photos, rather than just one profile picture.