Responsible for updating website

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Responsible for updating website

Sometimes, it may not be as clear who the appropriate responsible persons are.

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In rare situations, a responsible person may be suspended or removed from this role by the ACNC.

This can help you decide who is actually a board member and who attends board or committee meetings only to advise the board.

If a person is invited to sit in on some board meetings, for example to brief the board, but is not given the same rights as other board members (such as to make formal motions or to vote), this person is unlikely to be a responsible person.

Find out more about how we ensure charities meet their obligations.

You also must tell us each and every time a responsible person takes on or finishes a role as a responsible person. You must provide information of all board members to be listed as responsible persons, not just office bearers like the president, vice president or treasurer.

You may be used to terms like ‘company secretary’ or ‘public officer’ under other legislation.

People may hold these roles in your charity but not be responsible persons.

The ACNC requires charities to meet governance standards.

Under governance standard 4 charities must make sure its responsible persons are suitable, and under governance standard 5 they must ensure their responsible persons are aware of their duties and comply with them.

The ACNC needs information about your charity’s responsible persons because our legislation requires us to list their names and positions on the public ACNC Register.

We also need this information so we can: We will collect and hold all information about your responsible persons securely. While the roles of CEO, company secretary and public officer are important for running your charity, the person in these roles can only be a responsible person if they are a member of your charity’s governing body, such as its board or management committee.

On the other hand, if a person (such as, for example, a founder of a charity) does not have an official title on a board but still attends meetings, votes on decisions and guides the direction of the charity, this person may be considered a responsible person.

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