Spiritual gifts dating

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So I hope to give some perspective on this, both to help people who are afraid of it, and those who think too highly of this gift.The modern resurgence of tongue-speaking is generally traced to the turn of the century.

All members need to be able to explain the gospel (1 Peter ) whether or not they have the gift of evangelism.

These problems are not unique to us, and it is sometimes helpful to see how other Christian leaders have dealt with them.

For example, some people use the concept of spiritual gifts as an excuse to refuse to serve.

One large church uses the principle that, “you choose your primary ministry based on your own gifts, and be willing to serve in a secondary ministry based on the needs of others.” Such a policy helps members grow – and the secondary ministries are assigned only for limited periods of time.

Those less-desired service roles are then rotated to other members.

It is unrealistic to think that every member will do only those forms of service for which he or she is specially gifted.

Not only do other forms of service need to be done, each member needs to experience other forms of service.

Service often requires that we get out of our comfort zones, out of the area in which we feel gifted.

God may want to develop in us a gift we did not know we had!

All three approaches can be helpful, and it is especially helpful if all three lead to the same answer. Some of the written inventories are simply a method of analyzing yourself and others’ opinions about you. For example, a person with the gift of compassion will think that the church needs more compassion.) Often, we do not know our gifts until we have put them to use and seen whether we do well in that type of activity.

The questions might go like this: What do you like to do? Not only do gifts grow through experience, they can also be discovered through experience.

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