Updating to windows xp pro

05-Dec-2015 06:39 by 6 Comments

Updating to windows xp pro

What you cannot do is go ahead and install those updates as you will get a version mismatch error when you try to do so.

Win XP support is ending soon and I need to get a last clean update on this legacy machine.

Found a suggestion to update IE from ver 6 to ver 8.

Neither of those solved the Windows Updater download problem.

Today we are going to share a new transformation pack for Windows XP, Vista and 7 users which can make your Windows look-like Windows 8.

"Windows 8 Transformation Pack" has been created by our friend windowsx @ DA.

Notice that two of the displayed updates are for WEPOS (Windows Embedded Point of Service) and Windows POSReady 2009.

The others are for Windows Server 2003, which runs the same kernel and many other components as Windows XP.Had a crash on a legacy PC ruinning Win XP, the backup/restore S/W failed. Installed a virgin Win XP Pro, SP3 (32 bit) on a new blank HD. On a clean install the first thing that update does is download the Windows Updater S/W so it can figure out what you need. Kicked me out to a page that said nothing specific about why it didn't work and gave me some links to try to fix the problem. We have covered many themes and transformation packs for Windows XP and Windows 7 to make them look-like Windows 8.But there was not a single Windows 8 theme or Windows 8 customization pack for Windows Vista users.These companies pay Microsoft for that, usually because they were not able or willed to migrate computer's running Windows XP to another operating system before the extended support phase for the system ended.

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