What to do when dating a commitment phobe

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What to do when dating a commitment phobe - elite dating skills greg dean

So now we’re at this point: Girl has poured months or of love and obsession into this guy, hoping he’ll one day come around.

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After all, he feels better when she’s there versus when she’s not. She aims to bring him comfort and relief from his painful and tragic life.Women now have many more options and can do many more things that were not even imaginable several decades ago.That alone can pester man’s sense of security, not to mention all the news and gossips in the internet, TVs and tabloids regarding modern day lifestyles.So months or years go by and the girl just figures (even after all this time) that if she just loves him enough, he’ll be strong enough to love her back.At this point, she’s in deep too – she’s invested so much into a relationship that she hopes will someday happen, but has yet to ever make its debut into reality.Which brings me back to things I’ve said again and again…

There is a popular joke today saying that commitment phobia among men is nearly as common as chickenpox among kids. Or in milder cases, we’ll find how men with fear of commitment would always try to bend conversation topics that led to the idea of “stepping forward.” In fact, mild forms of commitment phobia (fear of commitment) is not very rarely found among men.

However, as with nearly every psychological diagnosis, it gets slapped on , and on and on and on. Now the girl who he only intended to keep around to keep from being lonely becomes this pseudo-girlfriend.

it’s that he’s (and I cringe to type these words) When it comes to all things sex and companionship, a guy will say, “Sure, if you’re offering…” Problem is, guys typically have a terrible gauge on whether or not they’ll catch feelings for the girl.

What ends up happening is that the guy will make sure the girl has hope to keep chasing him.

The girl will make sure that he’s as emotionally dependent on him as she can get him to be.

They love to live their lives the way they like and make decisions for themselves by their own rules.

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    Ultimately, failure to put their partner first was a sign these guys were not ready for a serious relationship, or at least not with those particular women, and that is totally normal.