Who is annie lennox dating

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By now, I'm sure I thought I would be dead." Though mushroom pale and dressed all in black, she is very much alive, talking at speed, smiling her beautiful, vulpine smile and reflecting on her turbulent journey to singing stardom, motherhood, and a position of such influence and affluence that she can begin to save the world of which she despairs. At 17, she was living on £3 a week in a succession of miserable London bedsits, trying to be a classical flautist.

"Compared with people I have seen in Africa, I live like an absolute empress. "Philanthropy is a fantastic thing, but it is not the answer."Annie Lennox feels she is entering a new phase, maybe a permanent one, where music is at the service of higher things.

One day in 1976, Dave Stewart walked into the health-food restaurant where she was working and, so the story goes, asked her to marry him. I don't think that makes a great ending."Still, it sounds a daily challenge to live by small joys and not dwell on what she calls "the woe-is-me place". Never."Her platinum cap of hair is glossy above a pair of soaring eyebrows.

Stifled by the precious atmosphere of the Royal Academy of Music, she dropped out just before her finals and turned to waitressing to avoid having to crawl back home. Now, in my elder years [she's 53], I've got to find a joy in things because, like a self-fulfilling prophecy, if you stick with darkness you end up jumping out of the window or being found in some room, hanging.

However Debra Jackson, his wife of 28 years, filed for divorce last year after pictures emerged of him walking hand-in-hand with Miss Lennox.

It is believed their marriage was experiencing difficulties before this.

Then from 1988 to 2000, she was married to Fruchtmann."No more marriage for me," she says. "There's nothing worse than someone who takes themselves terribly seriously." She hopes to avoid becoming a parody of herself and adds: "Maybe I am already and I don't know it."Rich people are seldom as straightforward and unapologetic as she is about wealth (hers is estimated to be £30 million).

What good will it do the starving masses if she wears sackcloth and ashes?

Despite their long history, Stewart, 60, said he had not received an invitation to Lennox’s third wedding, in London, to Dr Mitch Besser, a South African gynaecologist.

Among those to attend were Colin Firth, the actor, and Ruby Wax, the broadcaster.

There is real disgust in her voice when she dismisses the celebrity industry as "cannibalistic", insisting she's kept herself and her daughters "under the radar" so they could lead normal, well-grounded lives. What right do I have to have an issue with celebrity? Her father was a boilermaker and her mother a cook.

Yet she acknowledges that a Faustian deal sometimes has to be struck: if she wants to draw attention to causes she is passionate about, she has to exploit her profile."It would be a missed opportunity and almost criminal if I walked away. An only child, Ann Lennox went to a "posh" school, Aberdeen High School for Girls, where they wore velour hats in winter, panamas for summer.

In an interview with the Independent, Stewart was said to look visibly upset.

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