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The self-proclaimed first lady of Zimbabwean house music, who did not deny nor confirm being in a relationship with the soccer star, said it was not the media’s business to always follow up on her life. He is a friendly man and whatever is going on between us is none of the media’s business.

This sounds like it is out of this world, don’t you think so? Well, come with me and let us discuss what I mean here. It is a sad story when people, who are supposed to love each other begin to manipulate and work against each other like many couples do these days.

Relationships: Kilton Moyo Last week we spoke about how the smartphone has wrought havoc in many marriages.

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I want to emphasise that one reason behind this abuse of the smartphone is corruption by couples.

There is so much abuse of each other in many marriages these days and most of it is intentional.How do you marry someone just to torture them like that?What do you understand about marriage or even love?Beloved, if you want to destroy your relationships fas, engage in these triplets called suspicion, jealousy and violence.I can assure you, as a counsellor myself, I have seen many innocent victims of these. Weaknesses shall always be there, but surely you cannot hurt your spouse this much because you suspect they have a weakness.I seek to understand why someone could claim they love this person they are beating up every day and making into emotional wreckage? Think good things about your spouse I have said this before many times. When you rob your spouse of their right and their dues, I think that is corruption.